Space Queen


Space Queen is a hybrid strain that offers a balanced blend of both Indica and Sativa effects. It is a cross between the strains Romulan and Cinderella 99, both of which are renowned for their unique flavor profiles and potent effects. This strain was created by BC Growers Association, and it is known for its sweet, fruity flavor and aroma, as well as its ability to induce a euphoric and uplifting high.

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Space Queen Strain

Space Queen is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Romulan and Cinderella 99. This strain provides effects that intensely trippy and speedy. If you enjoy a buzzy head high, Space Queen is your ticket. This strain features an aroma of applesvanilla, and cherries. Growers say Space Queen has large, resinous buds that produce large yields.

Space Queen Strain Indica or Sativa

The strain has been in use for decades by heavy and mild smokers for instant pain relief and muscle relaxation. The strain can be a perfect remedy for your everyday stress. The most commonly seen side effects include dry mouth and headaches . If you are smoking Space Queen for the first time, it is possible that you might experience some dizziness. It is a sativa dominant hybrid occasionally known as Space Jill.  Many breeders, such as Subcool from TGA Genetics, use it in several projects. There is a rumor that the original Space Queen strain no longer exists and was replaced by the strain

In terms of aroma and flavor, it has a sweet, fruity scent that is reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. The smoke has a pleasant, smooth taste that is not overpowering or harsh, making it an enjoyable strain to consume.


The effects from Space Queen are primarily cerebral, offering focus, creativity, and heightened moods. However, because of its cannabinoid profile, Space Queen may also work well to control moderate and chronic pain. It smells strongly of tropical fruits, and when burned. And its tastes like pineapple slices laced with notes of charred wood and an earthy spiciness.

When it comes to effects, it is known for its potent, uplifting high that can leave users feeling energized and creative. The strain induces a strong cerebral buzz that is accompanied by a pleasant body high, making it an excellent choice for both recreational and medicinal users. This strain is often used to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as chronic pain and fatigue.




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