Money maker seeds strain


Plant type 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
THC Up to 18%
CBD < 1% CBD
Difficulty Easy
Climate Outdoor
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 12 to 16 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Citrus | Earthy | Lemon | Pine | Skunky | Spicy | Sweet
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleepy | Uplifted
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What are money maker feminised seeds?
A three way hybrid of Original Master Kush, Hindu Kush and Skunk, these Money Maker Feminised Seeds are a must have for your seeds collection. Offering a nutty, spicy aroma, they feature a very earthy scent that is synonymous with Kush seeds. Suitable for all seed collections, from beginners to experts.

Money Maker Seeds


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Currency Producer is an exemplary cross breed in the pot world, with specialists having valued her one of a kind impacts for a really long time. An Indica-prevailing half and half, she regardless shows a cerebral high that is normal with Sativa strains. Nonetheless, her Indica side comes through too with a full-body unwinding .

That settles on her an extraordinary decision for fighting a sleeping disorder and body hurts. Her fruity and nutty flavor additionally coordinates perfect with her quiet and thoughtful character.

Buy money maker feminised seeds

Currency Creator Pot Seeds are a famous decision among pot cultivators and fans. These seeds are explicitly reproduced to deliver plants that have significant returns of buds.

Making them ideal for business cultivators who are hoping to boost their harvest’s profit from speculation.

Currency Creator is a crossover kind of marijuana that is known for its significant returns and strong impacts. It is accepted to have started from crossing the strains Minimum amount and Skunk #1. It is known for its high THC levels and its unwinding and euphoric impacts, making it an incredible strain for both sporting and restorative use.

Developing maker Seeds

It’s critical to take note of that the germination and developing of weed seeds is unlawful in certain nations, states and purviews.

And it means a lot to really look at the regulations prior to attempting to sprout or develop pot seeds.