G13 Haze



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G13 Haze Strain Online

G13 Haze Strain Online. Believed to have been created as a medical strain, G13 Haze marijuana seeds are the offspring of super potent parents, and can boast THC levels of up to 23%. g13 haze x rock bud

Do you like long walks on the beach, euphoric sensations and an unshakable feeling of joy? Then you are in the right place. Although we can’t guarantee a long walk on the beach, we can promise an animated high from  G13 Haze.

In the 1970s, the US designed a program to create the most potent weed possible. Whether this story is true or not, the strain’s original name is Government Indica #1, which begs the question, were they trying it themselves? g13 haze autoflower
Whether the story is true or not, the thing that matters most is this cross between G13 and Haze lives up to the hype. g13 haze yield per plant

Aroma and Appearance

When we talk about pretty looking strains, this one is up there. G13 Haze is a lime-green bud with tight curling leaves all over. It’s fluffy and sticky structure requires a grinder 100% of the time. g13 purple haze

The sweet and fruity fragrance smells and tastes like candy, while the hints of spice add an exciting element, which make it a good strain to smoke indoors. g13 purple haze

Health Benefits Of The G13 Haze Strain Haze

This strain is well regarded in the medicinal field because it relieves pain without the couch lock. Besides pain, G13 Haze is excellent for relieving stress, depression and GI. g13 haze thc percentage

Effects Of The G13 Haze Strain

With it great THC %, The G13 has proven it’s self to have the following effects Relaxation, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic. barneys farm g13 haze outdoorbarneys farm g13 haze outdoor




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