Wooden locking weed storage

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Wooden Locking Weed Storage

Wooden Locking Weed Storage
Wooden Locking Weed Storage

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The Wooden locking weed storage

There is nothing wrong with wanting to treat your cannabis collection as well as you possibly can. The Ryot Lock-R Box is a solid top, wooden box that has a classic humidor style lock and storage for both your most prized herbs and accessories.

The removable bottom tray is split into two pieces for keeping your storage jars and for holding rolling papers, lighters, and other joint-rolling gear. The beautiful carved wooden rolling tray sits perfectly on top for simple rolling inside the box. This weed humidor is roomy, expertly crafted, and perfect for the cannabis connoisseur. Wooden Locking Weed Storage


All wooden weed storage box and rolling area

  • Size: 11 x 10 in
  • Includes 3 storage jars
  • Rolling accessory storage box
  • Scoop walled walnut rolling tray
  • Metal lock and key
  • Engraved RYOT branding.

What makes a decent weed box?

However, what makes a cutting edge stash box – or stash sack nowadays – “great” is something other than its capacity to hold spices and frill until you want it. It ought to be a protected, safe, and tactful spot that both coordinates and obliges all of your number one fundamental stuff between meetings.

Might I at any point keep weed in a wooden box?

On the off chance that you truly do utilize a wood holder, don’t utilize a stogie humidor in light of the fact that they can make your weed taste like cedar. Weed explicit humidors are produced using different sorts of wood and won’t influence the flavor. Remember, however, that wood isn’t generally so helpful as glass for the life span of your buds.

Do weed develop boxes smell?

Solid, wiped out smells

It might sound self-evident, however most tank-farming weed crops are found by passers-by or sharp nosed inhabitants getting a whiff of the medication’s natural smell. A pot crop requires around 90 days to develop and in the last weeks, the plants can truly sti